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Strategic Update

In 2016-17 St John of God Health Care took a new approach to annual planning and reporting.

One of the outcomes is a focus on a smaller number of strategically significant initiatives in a Group Business Plan, which replaces the previous Group Operational Plan. We map these against our Strategic Priorities and the five key result areas identified in Our Vision.

Divisional and business-as-usual (BAU) planning capture additional important initiatives.

This update summarises progress in the 2016-17 Group Business Plan. Progress has been recorded using the following symbols:


Good progress made

Not achieved or delayed

Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income




Implement the agreed 2016-17 initiatives identified in the Mission Management Model Review

  • New Group Director Mission Integration appointed in Dec 2016.
  • Implemented new Mission structure.
  • Implemented six of the 12 items for implementation endorsed by Board and Trustees, with two others partially implemented.

2017-18 focus:

  • Develop and commence implementation of a comprehensive formation program for all levels of the organisation.

Good to Great Leading and Delivering Exceptional Care
(renamed Patient Safety Strategy)




Establish effective clinical governance structures pertaining to maternity and mental health at both group and relevant divisions

  • Established organisation wide Obstetric and Midwifery Steering Committee.
  • Completed organisation-wide deployment of K2 Guardian™ to all birth suite rooms
  • Established Mental Health Community of Practice with group-wide representation from across the three states

Implement agreed group-wide policy initiatives to address high risk areas

Range of reviews of high risk areas completed.

Develop and embed relevant education and training programs targeted at high risk clinical activity

Commenced mandatory Fetal Surveillance Education Program (FSEP) training for all midwifery caregivers with training completed by 286 midwives at 30th June.

Develop standard data sets to measure and monitor performance across St John of God Health Care

Developed the following standard data sets for inclusion in routine reporting of the patient safety strategy report:

  • perinatal/maternal death and serious adverse events
  • mental health adverse events
  • surgical specimens related incidents
  • surgical count related incidents.

Review technology solutions to assist clinical decision-making and to reduce error.

A guide to the K2 system has been developed and circulated to relevant divisions.

Enhancements to the system to include audit capability of remote trace viewing and additional viewing for obstetricians are completed.

Obstetric and Midwifery Steering Committee reviewed the INFANT system.

2017-18 focus:

Obstetric and Midwifery Safety:

  • Introduce a standard obstetrician credentialing requirement
  • Introduce relevant ongoing training and education for obstetricians and midwives and determine an appropriate training program for the management of obstetric emergencies

Mental health:

  • Develop a standardised process for the management of anti-ligature audits/plans across mental health divisions
  • Review current triage assessment processes across private mental health divisions

Deteriorating Patient:

  • Review divisional governance relating to deteriorating patient management and monitoring

Safe Surgical Specimen Transfer:

  • Complete roll out of standardised surgical specimen transfer process

Safe Surgical Instrumentation Count:

  • Finalise revision of surgical count policy

OHS and Wellness Good to Great Strategy




Develop and implement a one-on-one coaching program for CEOs/DMC about early intervention and RCA reports

Completed and training provided

Introduce prevention strategies/use of occupational physician

A national occupational physician group (OSH Group) appointed in March 2017 and currently providing professional guidance at recruitment stage of employment.

Structure review

Review of Group Services OHS & Wellness team completed with roles and responsibilities aligned to the Workforce Strategic Plan objectives including appointment of Occupational Violence Project Manager

2017-18 focus:

  • Review OHS Committees to raise the approach to best practice standards and improve effectiveness
  • Review e-learning materials for all caregivers
  • Continue the Occupational Violence in Healthcare project to better understand and manage the risks to our caregivers.
  • Finalise and implement a group-wide approach to best practice pre-employment screening/assessment.

Procedural Areas Transformation Program




Commence implementation of approved initiatives at St John of God Murdoch Hospital

  • Clinical Command Centre opened
  • VMO app in development
  • Procurement completed for technology platform for new patient portal and customer relationship management system (CRM)
  • Vendors selected for IT components of other projects

Implement initiatives at other hospitals as agreed.

NPS rollout across all divisions in progress.

Other initiatives ongoing, as per project plans.

2017-18 focus:

  • Implement specialist recruitment retention and partnerships (St John of God Murdoch and Subiaco Hospitals)
  • Implement Clinical Command Centre (CCC) (St John of God Murdoch and Subiaco Hospitals)
  • Implement surgeons’ preference cards (St John of God Murdoch and Subiaco Hospitals)
  • Implement patient centric admissions (St John of God Murdoch Hospital).

Review of Learning and Development (LOD) approach and requirements




Complete the LOD review

Review completed and endorsed by Group Management Committee.

Implement approved recommendations by June 2017

Standard Programs completed. Relevant appointments made. Divisional structures finalised.

2017-18 focus:

  • Ongoing activity incorporated into BAU planning.

Clinical Information System (CIS) implementation




Implement new Clinical Information System

Deferred to 2017-18 pending appointment of Group Director Information Services

2017-18 focus:

  • Develop the business case for Board approval including identification of benefits for patients, caregivers and doctors/VMOs
  • Complete pre-tender work (end Q2) with tender release in early 2018.

Health Record Forms Standardisation Project (HRFSP)




Complete implementation of Phase 1 forms by 2016-17 quarter 1


Complete standardisation and implementation of Phase 2 forms by the end 2016-17 quarter 2


2017-18 focus:

  • Ongoing activity incorporated into BAU planning.

Scanned Health Record System roll out




Scanned Health Record System implementation at St John of God Murdoch and Ballarat Hospitals

Implementation at St John of God Ballarat Hospital underway. Further implementation on hold, pending benefits assessment

Secure approval for implementation plan for other hospitals

On hold, as per above.

Undertake a feasibility study to strengthen capability and collaboration of St John of God hospital coding functions

Oh hold, as per above.

2017-18 focus:

  • St John of God Ballarat Hospital progressing, remaining activity incorporated into BAU planning.

Business Analytics and Reporting Transformation (BART)




Complete construct phase

Completed and approval in principle received.

Commence implemention – initiatives to be determined at the gateway review.

Executive level KPI suite and proposed next steps endorsed by GCEO.

Major structural elements of business intelligence & analytics strategy deferred pending appointment of Chief Analytics Officer.

2017-18 focus:

  • Review and finalise the Business Intelligence & Analytics Strategy (including Operating Model & Capability Plan; Information Platform Architecture and Data Governance Framework) and associated business case.
  • Develop a high level implementation plan for both the Business Intelligence and Analytics Strategy and Performance Reporting.

Payroll and rostering, time and attendance system project




Define business user requirements and current/future capacity/capability

Confirmed as a Transformation program in February 2017, the program comprises three core streams: clinical workforce optimisation, rostering time and attendance and payroll optimisation. A diagnose phases has commenced with completion expected in Q2 2018.

Identify product (including scope of system) to be implemented

Pending completion of diagnose phase.

Complete business case and achieve funding approval for implementation in FY18.

Pending completion of diagnose phase.

2017-18 focus:

  • Onboard Project team members and mobilise team structure / operating rhythm
  • Stream 1 – Rostering Time & Attendance
    • Develop functional, technical, and business requirements for proposed systems
    • Conduct a tender process, select vendor(s), and secure capital investment
    • Configure and test system(s) for Divisional launch by FY19
    • Finalise Divisional preparation and roll out plan
  • Stream 2 – Payroll Optimisation
    • Implement consolidation and workflow optimisation initiatives
    • Evaluate and validate payroll system for integration with the RTA
Strategic Update

St John of God Murdoch Hospital caregivers welcome the immediacy of feedback from their patients using the NPS feedback mechanism.