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New Initiatives for 2017-18

Implementation of the Information Services operating model (ISOM) 2017-18 focus:

  • Define the structure, roles and responsibilities to drive the innovation journey for St John of God Health Care
  • Realign the structure and investment to uplift capability in IS to better achieve the organisation’s objectives
  • Revise the governance model to better implement, support and maintain programs of work
  • Develop an approach to delivery to achieve multi‑speed capability
  • Leverage our scale by reviewing and standardising contracts across the organisation
  • Strengthen collaboration through a more integrated approach in the delivery of IS projects.

Develop and implement digital strategy 2017-18 focus:

Development the St John of God Health Care Digital Strategy and commence implementation, including:

  • The strategic narrative, digital vision and five year innovation roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture vision and capability requirements
  • Delivery roadmap and initiatives, including recommended program delivery structure
  • Recreate St John of God Health Care intranet in line with best practice web design and user experience practices
  • Implement doctors app (refer PTAP)
  • Implement patient portal (refer PTAP)

Finalise implementation of Riskman Incident Feedback Management System 2017-18 focus:

  • Complete design, configuration and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the incident, complaints and ‘root cause analysis’
  • Complete implementation of the three modules (pilot in Q2, balance of the group in Q3).

Develop and implement a revised procurement model 2017-18 focus:

  • Determine the requirements for a strategic procurement model
  • Undertake “current state” review and gap analysis and develop a revised strategic procurement model
  • Develop comprehensive 10-year strategic capital procurement plan
  • Implement the agreed 2017-18 initiatives

Customer insight strategy (incl Patient NPS) 2017-18 focus:

  • Develop a customer insight strategy and implement the agreed 2017-18 initiatives
  • Develop and implement a coordinated “real time” patient feedback program (eg NPS)
  • Develop and implement a St John of God Health Care brand strategy