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Partnership validates the healing benefits of music

A national Arts and Health partnership with Musica Viva has created new music services in our hospitals and through peer-reviewed research validated the positive impact the arts can have on the wellbeing of patients, caregivers and the broader community.

St John of God Health Care has a three-year partnership with Australia’s oldest independent professional performing arts organisation, Musica Viva, to deliver arts and health programs at eight of our hospitals.

New research conducted during the partnership has demonstrated improved patient outcomes and a positive patient experience.

Research into the Singing for Mother and Baby Health program at St John of God Burwood Hospital’s Mother and Baby Unit has shown it to be effective at enhancing maternal mood and relaxation.

A musician and nurse facilitate weekly one-hour singing sessions that help mothers to connect with their child and calm themselves and their infant.

The sessions give mothers the confidence to continue singing with their baby when they leave the hospital.

Patients at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital sing and write songs with a musician.

Physicians have reported that some of their rehabilitation patients participating in the sessions have experienced less pain and have been able to reduce their pain medication.

The music programs, initially run as a pilot at St John of God Burwood and Frankston Rehabilitation Hospitals, have continued and are now part of the ongoing clinical service offered to patients.

The Musica Viva partnership also reaches into the communities where our hospitals are located to provide music education in schools. In turn, school groups have come into our hospitals to perform, building the confidence of students and connecting patients with their community.

The partnership between Musica Viva Australia and St John of God Health Care is growing and nurturing links between the arts and health. As leaders in our industries, we are aligned on delivering excellence, innovation and establishing creative, community solutions.

Partnership validates the healing benefits of music

Participants in a singing program with Musica Viva at St John of God Burwood Hospital’s Mother and Baby Unit confirm that music can have a positive impact on your mental health.